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This service is perfect for people who want to utilize 2 different types of Divination methods for a more explicit and detailed analysis of their question or concern. I will first pull Tarot cards and will then cast either a natal, synastry, horary, or predictive Astrology chart based on the original question/concern. Please refer to the "Astrology Services" and "Intuitive Tarot Card Readings" categories for further explanation on these methods.


You will automatically receive a link and an email upon purchase. (Check your Spam/Junk folder if it doesn't appear in your inbox.) The sheet will inform you on the steps needed for me to send you my analysis of your question.


Tarot + Astrology Legal Disclaimer

By purchasing this Tarot + Astrology service/product, you understand that Tarot and Astrology are meant for entertainment purposes only. You understand that I am not a medical professional, and I therefore cannot diagnose conditions or prescribe medications of any kind. You understand that it is recommended that you see a licensed physician or licensed healthcare professional for any physical or psychological care. You understand that any information or advice I provide or suggestions I make are not 100% fact. You understand that you are responsible for your own actions after receiving this Tarot + Astrology service/product.

By purchasing this Tarot + Astrology service/product, you agree to all of the information listed above.

Tarot + Astrology Combination Service

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