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Why Energy Healers, Holistic Practitioners, Psychics, and Mediums Tend to Suffer from Health Issues

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

By health isssues, I'm talking about both mental and physical. First, let me provide you with a quick personal backstory.

I began having severe mental health issues beginning in the 7th grade; I began having small to moderate physical health complications in high school, around 10th grade; and I began having severe physical health issues immediately after graduating high school. I could write and entire novel about my history of health issues paired with inadequate medical care, so I will not go into further detail here.

The only thing that helped me, out of everything I tried in the traditional and medical health sense -- and even the holistic and metaphysical sense -- was Reiki. It literally saved my life (not overexaggerating, either).

Once I became more involved in the holistic and metaphysical space, I realized how common it was for people like me to suffer from mental and physical health complications. The realization surprised me at first -- How could that be? Aren't we meant to be healthy individuals so that we can help heal those who need it most?

I now know that for many of us practitioners, the people who need the most healing are ourselves. This ultimately leads to helping others along the way.

Based on my own personal experiences, the experiences of the practitioners and healers I have encountered, and my own intuition, I have come up with a list of reasons I believe point to the question: "Why do energy healers, holistic practitioners, psychics, and mediums tend to suffer from health issues?"

Before I explain my reasoning, let me clarify: I believe non-Spiritual and non-metaphysical causes can be to blame, such as genetics, one's habits or addictions, how one takes care of themselves on a daily basis, and childhood trauma. I believe there are many reasons that people can have health issues. Do not reference this list as a Magnum Opus for identifying where one's health issues stem from.

Now, onto my list!


  1. Taking On Other People's Energies

We tend to be fixers. This means that we tend to merge our energies with other people and situations to solve any issues as soon or as intimately as we can. Many of us had to take care of others emotionally or physically in childhood, or we were parentified. We feel a sense of responsibility toward helping others at all costs.

We can also take on other people's energies without knowing it, such as a random stranger at the grocery store that you pass by. We are hyperaware and hypersensitive to the energies of others, and we can often pick up on what someone is truly thinking or feeling, even if we don't ever talk to the other person.

We are likely to overextend a helping hand to those who both do and do not deserve it. If we are in unhealthy relationships (romantic, friendly, professional, etc.), we stick around longer than we should to try and help the other person or diminish their worries.

For those of us that have done the work and set proper boundaries, we no longer allow negative people into our lives. We cut ties with those who do not serve our highest good. We learn to protect our auric field and ground ourselves daily or as often as we can to prevent negative attachments. Most of us need plenty of alone time to recharge and ground ourselves. For me personally, I strongly dislike being amongst large crowds of people -- especially because I can easily pick up on other people's energies!

Taking on the energies of others damages our own personal energies and auric fields. If they are left unprotected and linked to others (yes, even strangers), it has a massive impact on our overall health and wellbeing.

We are also more likely to amplify our own stresses.

2. Past Lives / Karma

Many of us who are currently involved in the holistic and metaphysical space have also been involved in prior lifetimes. Throughout history, it is easy to see that we have been the targets of hate crimes, mainly as they pertain to religious doctrine. Because of this, many of us have suffered gruesome deaths or severe forms of isolation or public ridicule. These hateful realities affect us throughout future lifetimes until we can find ways to "break the curse", or release the past life trauma. Looking at one's natal chart in Astrology can help to determine what the past life issue is that needs to be resolved, and the ways to do this in one's current lifetime. I also recommend past life regression therapy.

A classic example is a witch being burned at the stake in a public area. Let's say this Soul is alive in 2023. If they have not worked through the past life trauma of them being a witch and being burned at the stake, mental health manifestations in their current life could be anxiety, OCD, and general control issues. Physical manifestations could be nerve disorders, skin conditions, and vision problems. (Again, this is a made-up example.)

In a past life, one may have also been a nurse, doctor, or religious leader.

On the flip side of the coin, current practitioners and healers may have taken part in "getting rid of" or targeting those in the holistic and metaphysical space in certain past lives. Now they are Karmically meant to understand the trials and tribulations, as well as the healing effects, of the life of an energy healer or a holistic practitoner, psychic, or medium.

If none of these scenarios are true, then it may simply be that one did something that had a negative impact in a prior lifetime, and they must now suffer the consequences through enduring certain health issues. For example, let's say you repeatedly cheated on your significant other in a prior lifetime. In this lifetime, you are a medium. Not only do you have reproductive health issues, but you also tend to draw in clients who have lost their spouse or significant other. You experience the Karma physically (reproductive health issues) while trying to reverse/release it by helping others. Doing so will prevent similar occurences from happening in any future lifetimes.

3. Psychic Attacks, Spells, and Curses

These can connect to Karma and past lives. If a curse was placed on us in a previous lifetime, it can take multiple lifetimes to mitigate and then erase the curse from our Soul. If you were a head witch in a prior lifetime, and the rival coven placed a curse on you, you may struggle to identify the cause and release it. It can sometimes take multiple lifetimes before it even shows up!

These can occur in present-day as well. Even something as simple as wishing ill will toward a stranger who cut you off in traffic... You just placed a mini (hey, maybe even major) curse on them! Be careful with your words and thoughts -- they are mighty powerful!!!

To release current psychic attacks, spells, and curses -- and to prevent any from attaching to you now or in future lifetimes -- I recommend past life regression therapy and specific guided meditations aimed at this topic. I also recommend grounding yourself at least once a day (preferably both in the morning and at night), wearing crystals and placing crystals around your home and inside your car, burning incense/sage/palo santo/candles, and doing a cord cutting exercise. I will soon have a cord cutting guided meditation video available on my YouTube channel.

4. Empathy

Going through dark times helps practitioners and healers to understand the pain of others, as well as becoming more knowledgeable about the ways in which they can help. This allows for deeper healing and deeper connections between all parties. Many people come to practitioners and healers to help with varying mental, emotional, physical, and Spiritual health issues, especially when traditional medicine hasn't been helpful. We can then relate to the client or person and assure them that we will do our best to find solutions or provide help. Someone seeking help in these instances trusts the practitioner or healer more when they have experienced a similar situation, and us practitioners and healers are eager to provide help in the ways we never have or wish we could have received sooner.

5. Deep Soul Evolution

I am personally someone who believes in past lives. I believe that once a Soul has experienced every facet of life and healed all that needs to be healed, they no longer need to reincarnate -- instead, they live forever in the Spirit realm, helping guide humans on their Soul journeys so they too can reach what is referred to as "Enlightenment". If this is true, then it makes sense that practitioners and healers are meant to provide deep Spiritual healing to themselves and others, and doing so in the most difficult of circumstances. Having strength in times of mental or physical distress shows courage, a willingness to not back down, and a push toward living in eternal Spirit form.


What do you think of my list? Anything you'd like to add? Let me know in the comments down below!

Much love,

Brittney xx

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