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Quarry Park and Nature Reserve, 10/21/2023

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

I asked my mom to come to the Quarry Park with me before it got too cold and started snowing. The week or weekend after this is when we got our first cold surge, so I wouldn't have been able to capture the beautiful leaves if I waited any longer! (The leaves were stripped from the trees, and the remaining leaves on the trees were not pretty and colorful.) I was feeling particularly flared up on this day and during our walk through the reserve. This occurs for me do to my chronic health issues despising the cold weather. But, I made a promise to myself that I would go before it was too late -- and I'm so glad I did! We walked along a path that I had never taken before, and we ran into some goats! One of the goats had a "1212" ear tag, pictured below. I believe they were there to eat any invasive species or keep them away. I'm grateful my mom walked alongside me to witness the beauty of this magickal place. I also provided Reiki through my feet to the quarry as we were walking around.

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