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Pluto in Aquarius


Pluto entered Aquarius on Monday, January 22nd, 2024. I have some video analyses that break this down further on my TikTok page, which you should follow! For a quick insight, Pluto represents power, change, death, rebirth, and transformation.

In this Blog post, I wanted to further analyze the specific individuals that will be impacted by this transition, which will last more than 18 years.

5 Things to Look for in Your Natal Chart:

  1. An Aquarius Stellium. A stellium is where someone has 3 or more planets located within one Astrological sign or one Astrological house. In this instance, that would be Aquarius. For this 18-year+ time period, you can expect the themes of Pluto to impact you more strongly or intensely than they did before. You may struggle to keep up with the changes and might undergo many identity crises. Who are you on the inside, minus the input from others? Aquarius craves individuality and being different. Really focus on what makes you stand out or what makes you different from those around you. Find ways to be helpful to others while having enough alone time for yourself.

  2. A Leo Stellium. Leo is the sign opposite Aquarius. Oppositions by transiting planets to natal ones can provide major turning points and obstacles in people's lives. You may struggle with confidence, either a lack of it or an overpowering amount of it. Your ego will want to come out on top, and you may be more aggressive than usual. You could become impulsive and lack patience. You may find that you are either craving more attention or aren't getting enough of it in your personal life. You could go back and forth between expressing yourself freely and making yourself small around others.

  3. Transiting Pluto square natal Saturn. Saturn likes to restrict and do things methodically. Under this transiting aspect, you could easily become burnt out. You may suffer from more illnesses than usual or may become injured. Take care of your mental health, as you are more likely to become sad, angry, or depressed. You are likely to keep your thoughts to yourself, which can contribute to any feelings of isolation. On the bright side, much can get done under this transiting aspect! Make sure you schedule enough time for rest and relaxation, as well as spending time on your hobbies. You may become power-hungry or set on material goals.

  4. Transiting Pluto square natal Sun. Control issues can worsen or come about under this aspect. You may be very particular about who you spend time with and what you spend your time doing. Your energy is likely to be either very high or very low. Others notice you more than usual, so make sure it's for the right reasons! Any wrongdoings you have done may come back to bite you now. Make things right before this transiting aspect occurs to minimize any hurt or setbacks. You may struggle with confidence or have a large amount of it. During this aspect, you are changing who you are: your beliefs, your goals, and your thought process.

  5. Transiting Pluto square natal Ascendant. This is a similar aspect to number 4, but this time it is focused more on your outward appearance. People will begin to view you differently, and you will begin to view others differently. You will begin to let go of the people in your life that no longer serve you or your highest good, and people will do the same for you. You are likely to undergo a major physical change that separates the person you were before to the person you are now, or the person you want to be. This can include a new haircut or hair color, a new fashion style, or a weight change.

For further information about how this transit affects you specifically, you can book a reading with me here!

Much love,

Brittney xx

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