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One Moderate Inconvenience of Reiki in My Life

Reiki hands

Reiki has allowed for many great opportunities and conveniences to enter my life... but there's one issue it has caused me that is, like, really annoying.

Reiki makes my phone overheat like crazy!!!

Since Reiki flows through the palms of my hands, it causes my phone to overheat and malfunction. This has been more annoying than usual lately, ever since I began uploading more content across all my socials, including video content. Video content already takes longer to upload, so my "Reiki hands" make it more difficult when they add extra heat! I have to place my phone on an ice pack or inside my freezer to cool off at least once while uploading a video to YouTube, and up to 15 times, depending on the video content (more video edits and/or longer video = longer upload time). Sometimes the video won't even upload at all, and I have to start the whole upload process over again!

After every Reiki class I completed, I noticed my phone and computer would get affected more easily and more often. During my last Reiki class, my computer would not allow me to use Zoom for long periods of time. I had to keep switching back and forth between my phone and computer during the class!

So, yeah. Reiki definitely messes with my technology. But I guess it's still worth it to have all this Reiki training!

Much love,

Brittney xx

(P.S. You should totally book a Reiki service on my website for you or an animal in your life. It's all completely online!)

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