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New Blog Post Format: Card of the Bi-Week

Raccoon Oracle Card

Hello, friends!

I am switching up the format for my Blog. I will pull either a Tarot or Oracle card -- whatever I feel most drawn to do -- to represent the human collective over the next two weeks (bi-weekly). This means I will be posting on the Blog twice a month.

I will still provide you with other important information, such as the Total Solar Eclipse happening on April 8th, 2024! Since I live in Minnesota, I will only see a partial solar eclipse. To see the total solar eclipse from the comfort of your own home, I recommend free live-streaming resources such as this one.

Over the next few months, be careful with the decisions you make. Traditional Astrologers warn against making impulsive or drastic decisions or life changes during this time. It's best to lay low as much as you can and plan accordingly, but not too strictly, as plans are likely to change. Everyone is more prone to injury and illness during this time.


Card of the Bi-Week

This bi-week's card is the Raccoon. Below is the description for what to expect or how you may feel during this two-week period.

Raccoon Oracle Card meaning
Raccoon Oracle Card meaning

Oracle deck and guidebook used: Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D.

Brittney's Intuitive message: Spirit wants you to chill out a little bit! Don't overwork or overstress yourself. Allow things to fall into place once you get everything going or prepared. Do not rush, but rather enjoy the ride! Remember that you are enough!

Much love,

Brittney xx

This Blog post is meant for entertainment purposes only. Brittney of Brittney's Holistic Healing is not a licensed medical or health professional and cannot replace the care or advice of one.

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