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Moon Mapping & Moon Phases

Moon Phases

Something I have been doing over the past few months is Moon Mapping. I first learned the art of Moon Mapping by reading The Moon Book: Lunar Magic to Change Your Life by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener. I recommend everyone, especially women, read this book. It is highly insightful and validating!

I never truly realized how in sync my life was with the phases of the Moon. During my first Moon Mapping process, I began to understand how strong my connection is with her. Now I know to utilize the phases of the Moon with Astrology!

Here are some key words and phrases I associate with each phase of the Moon, whose cycle lasts approximately 29.5 days (which is considered a "lunar month"):

  • New Moon: new beginnings, starting fresh, endless possibilities, creative potential, inspiration

  • Waxing Crescent Moon: putting yourself out there, applying yourself, extra energy, confidence, getting started

  • First Quarter Moon: adding layers, new or different opportunities, evaluating a new beginning, modification, changing course

  • Waxing Gibbous Moon: tying up loose ends, preparing and getting ready, home stretch, expansion mindset, finishing up

  • Full Moon: rewards, success, parties and celebrations, presentations, hard work paid off

  • Waning Gibbous Moon (Disseminating Moon): teaching others, sharing, "we"-centered, learning from the experience, being helpful

  • Third/Last Quarter Moon: pause, gain understanding, recognize faults, contemplate, awareness

  • Waning Crescent Moon: preparation for the next life/lunar phase, rest, reflection, endings, low energy

  • Dark/Balsamic Moon: trauma release, grief work, healing, extra sleep, alone time

I hope this is helpful for you!

Much love,

Brittney xx

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