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Listening to Nature Sounds While Eating

A beautiful pathway in the forest!

This blog post is somewhat of a follow-up to my previous blog post. A little later after I finished writing the post, I ate lunch. I did not feel like watching anything, but I decided to put on a nature walkthrough video as I ate. While I have done this before, it is not a common occurrence.

I specifically listened to this video on YouTube. As I was eating, I noticed that I was tasting the foods I was eating much more intensely than usual. Everything was bursting with flavor!

I've known for quite some time that sounds affect one's eating experience due to a Good Mythical Morning video featuring Linkin Park, but I haven't noticed the difference much in my own life.

Since I had the information of my previous blog post fresh in my noggin, I wanted to learn more about the connection between sounds and eating foods. There are plenty of articles out there that say the same thing about the research that's been done, and I recommend looking up"How sound affects your tastebuds", or something to that effect. Since I was listening specifically to nature sounds, I was trying to find research information on the link between eating while listening to nature sounds. I surprisingly could not find anything! The closest information I could find that slightly related to my experience was from this article, with the pertinent quote being: “Several studies have shown that playing classical music can enhance the perceived quality of food and drink, which may help patients (referring to older people in hospitals and care homes) improve their nutrition.“

I recommend trying this experiment out for yourself! Let me know about your experiences!

Much love,

Brittney xx

(P.S. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all who celebrate!)

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