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I Saw a Monarch Butterfly Yesterday! + The Importance of This

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Monarch butterflies are beautiful creatures that migrate to Mexico and much warmer parts of the United States by the end of October every year. Since I live in Minnesota, I don't tend to see any type of butterflies once it hits around mid to late September. Now that it is almost December, there should be no more living butterflies in the state of Minnesota at this point in time. Any Monarchs that have stuck around will enter into a state of hibernation known as "Diapause".

I completed my Holy Fire Karuna Reiki certification last weekend, meaning I have no other Reiki certification classes to take -- unless I decide to learn Reiki through any of the other different lineages. (I learned Usui Reiki.) It is my mother's birthday today (Happy Sagittarius Season!), and my birthday present for her was giving her a Reiki session yesterday (Sunday). I mostly utilized the skills and techniques I learned through my most recent Reiki certification process. It was a beautiful session. It is also my mom's first day of work at her new job today, so I'm glad I was able to help relax her and clear her mind beforehand!

Sometime a little later in the day Sunday, after I gave my mom Reiki energy healing, we were speaking to one another when I saw a Monarch butterfly fly toward our living room window and dart to the right. I told my mom what I saw, and she was confused. Those aren't meant to fly around at this time! It had also been snowing the day prior!

Monarch butterflies are one of the most Spiritually symbolic living species around. Most Spiritual advisors, teachers, and healers associate them with change and transformation. They are also associated with rebirth, reconstruction, and new life cycles. The fact that I saw this Monarch heading toward our home in these weather conditions does not surprise me. The fall months in Minnesota are lumped into the winter months once it gets colder outside. As I type this out, it is 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12.22 degrees Celsius).

I interpret me seeing the Monarch as a sign of positive or necessary change while facing unlikely or unwanted circumstances; of experiencing hope and faith in times of turmoil; and of needing to focus inwardly to allow my pure intentions and life purposes to shine through. Unsurprisingly, these themes apply to Momma Shelley as well as to me. I recently completed both of our 5-year Predictive Astrology Chart Analyses starting in 2024, and what I discussed in the analyses also apply to the messages of the Monarch.

For me personally, I embarked on a new journey in 2023. I began learning about Astrology and became borderline obsessed (not really, but... maybe). This led me to hold a completely different vision I have for the future. It has also allowed me to gain insights into my life purposes Astrologically. I now am certain I am on the right life path, but being a new small business owner (one that is mainly completely online) is very difficult. There are times where I feel like constantly asking for my Spirit Guides' guidance and reassurance that I am on the right path. The Monarch's message helps to remind me that my professional journey in the Spiritual ("Woo-Woo") realm is not meant to be easy, and that there is beauty in the journey. I am ready for all the unexpected changes that Spirit has for me and my future.

If you are going through a dark or confusing period in your life, I hope you know that you are not alone. This thing we call life isn't meant to be easy, but I'm rooting for you. Now is a good time to reflect on if you are headed down the right path. If you feel you are doing all you can, then please try not to stress about it too much -- there is only so much you can do! If you have not yet made the leap, think about the resources to help you get there. You've got this!

With much love,


Monarch butterflies on greenery

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