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Does Infinity Exist in Time and Space?

Infinity bracelet

I recently watched the documentary "A Trip to Infinity" on Netflix. I have always been fascinated with the concept of infinity, and it REALLY spooked me out when I was a kid -- as in, once I thought about it existing, it led me down an existential spiral where I couldn't get a good night's sleep for 2-4 months straight. Fun times...

The documentary highlights the thoughts and opinions of mathematicians, physicists, cosmologists, and even 2 philosophers. It got confusing at times, and A LOT of metaphors and hypotheticals were thrown around. I always thought infinity surely exists... but these people have me questioning that!

Numbers are considered infinite. But are they? Some of the people in the documentary mentioned how, when formulating certain equations, infinity could equal 1 or even 0. Does that mean it doesn't truly exist? But, again, generally speaking, numbers are considered infinite. But what about tangible objects in the material world? Scientists have theorized whether an infinite number of atoms exist within, let's say, a glass sphere. The conclusion of everyone in the documentary pointed to "no" or "it's unlikely". This goes against what I was taught growing up in school ("there are an infinite number of atoms within material objects and within everything that exists on Earth"), but then again, I tend to have a bad memory (except for visual memory, which is good for my line of work!).

So, infinity does not exist within manmade objects. It also does not exist anywhere in nature, including humans or animals (unless you believe in the Soul/Spirit being infinite, but that's a different subset).

What about time and space? Don't those continue on forever? Apparently, scientists believe that infinity does not exist within those realms, either! Does this mean all of the cosmos are contained within some sort of... well, container? It's spooky to consider!

They even discuss alternate dimensions/parallel universes. Quite a few of them agree that this is a likelihood, even if the Universe began at a finite point in time. But these theories often discuss the likelihood of infinities existing as well! So, what is it?!

And black holes! Don't even get me started on those! Apparently, those aren't infinite, either!

I highly recommend anyone to watch the documentary, as long as it won't freak out you too intensely. It's beneficial to ponder life's biggest, and even unanswerable, questions, and to do your own research. Don't limit your knowledge into a confined box!

Before I go, I do want to say that I believe the Spirit to be infinite. This provides me with great comfort. If evidence came to be that 100% denied this belief (which is likely impossible), I don't know what I would think. I think it would make me sad... and confused... Thankfully, since this will likely never happen, I'll be chilling over here in the present moment -- not worrying about that!

Alternative hypothesis: the Soul becomes one with the Spirit in the same process as shown in "The Good Place". Man, I love that show.

What do you believe? Does infinity exist? Does it exist only within certain circumstances? Does the concept of infinity freak you out?

Much love,

Brittney xx

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