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Card of the Bi-Week: 05/27/2024-06/10/2024

Card of the Bi-Week: Sage (King) of Pentacles upright

It's time to really put your big person pants on!

Now that you've worked on all the things you've needed to over the past couple months (and dealt with the stress indicated by all the reversed Tarot cards from recent Bi-Weekly pulls), you are being rewarded. Hard work truly does pay off! But, with great power and success comes great responsibility. Spirit is asking that you remain logical and level-headed during this time, and to not get carried away. Don't let all your hard work be thrown out the window! If you are still not at the point you'd like to be, or if you are at a sort of "halfway mark", Spirit would like for you to reaccess your goals and mindset. What is working? What isn't? There's no time to waste! You must keep chugging along!

There is a sense that many of you now have a better understanding of who you truly are and what you would like to do with your life moving forward. You know how to tackle current and future obstacles, and you can prepare for the future as much as you can to prevent said obstacles or setbacks. You have more knowledge available to you now, as well as more experience -- so utilize those to your benefit!

If you make the right decisions now, I see Spirit being extremely happy with you and allowing you a brief period of rest and relaxation to savor all you have accomplished for the year thus far. I also see that many of you are much happier now compared to the beginning of the year, or you soon will be.

Much love,

Brittney xx

This Blog post is meant for entertainment purposes only. Brittney of Brittney's Holistic Healing is not a licensed medical or health professional and cannot replace the care or advice of one.

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