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Card of the Bi-Week: 04/29/2024-05/13/2024

Updated: 7 days ago

Card of the Bi-Week: Knight of Cups reversed

For these next couple weeks, you may be feeling all out of sorts. Things won't seem to come out right, and you will take things more personally. You are prone to feeling more insecure than usual, and may think other people are judging you harshly. There is an overall sense of the Inner Child needing attention right now. Focus on what the Inner Child is trying to tell you through the things, situations, and people that trigger you. It is time now to idenfity certain triggers in order to work through them and ultimately release them. Remember that not everything or everyone is meant to be in your life forever -- you may need to cut certain people out or stop partaking in bad habits in order to move forward. Many of you will feel highly anxious and like you don't have control over the current situation, which may be true; but remember that you always have a choice in how you choose to react and/or respond. Do what would make your Inner Child proud in the end. Heal.

Much love,

Brittney xx

This Blog post is meant for entertainment purposes only. Brittney of Brittney's Holistic Healing is not a licensed medical or health professional and cannot replace the care or advice of one.

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