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Card of the Bi-Week: 04/15/2024-04/29/2024

Updated: 7 days ago

Card of the Bi-Week: 5 of Pentacles in reverse

For these next couple weeks, some of you may be able to greatly pay off your financial debts. For others, you are being encouraged to save more money than usual (such as placing more money into your savings account than you usually do).

This is a time for personal rest. Spirit would like for you to let life happen naturally and not try to control outcomes too much, for everything will be okay. You are being asked to trust in Spirit's process.

Do not try to force anything to happen. Just be.

Adding onto the personal rest -- it's specifically a time for physical rest. Focus on getting more sleep and eating healthy foods. Make sure you go outside and get vitamin D from the Sun!

Much love,

Brittney xx

This Blog post is meant for entertainment purposes only. Brittney of Brittney's Holistic Healing is not a licensed medical or health professional and cannot replace the care or advice of one.

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