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Frequently Asked Questions

Reiki-Related Questions


"What is Reiki?"

Reiki is a form of energy healing. The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) defines Reiki as "a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing." I personally am trained in Reiki that originates from Mikao Usui of Japan, but Reiki and energy healing comes in various different forms, and has been around since the beginning of humankind. If you have ever seen anime shows such as Naruto or Avatar: The Last Airbender, then you've seen some form of energy healing take place!

"Is Reiki just a form of massage?"

No. Reiki does not involve massaging or manipulating the muscles or joints of someone's body. Reiki involves energy transfer, from God/Source/The Universe, through the practitioner's palms, to the person receiving Reiki. Some Reiki practitioners do hands-on Reiki on certain parts of the body, where visible and appropriate. Some Reiki practitioners never touch, and only hover over, the body of the person receiving Reiki. This can also depend upon the laws and regulations of the state the Reiki practitioner lives in. I currently live in the state of Minnesota, where laws and regulations tend to be more relaxed.

"How does distance Reiki work?"

I am able to activate and send Reiki energy without being physically in front of the person receiving Reiki. The Reiki energy is just as powerful being sent this way! I have training in distance Reiki, as it is a part of my Reiki certifications. Distance Reiki can sometimes be favored by clients since they can stay within the comfort of their own home. I utilize Zoom as well as provide more flexible options without Zoom (mainly emailing before and after the session is over). The way I send Reiki energy is by utilizing techniques off-screen, so the client will not see much of what I am actually doing either way. More information on the set-up and logistics will be sent after the session is booked.

"How does Animal Reiki work?"

For distance Animal Reiki, similar techniques are used to send Reiki energy. I utilize both Zoom as well as provide more flexible options without Zoom (mainly emailing before and after the session is over). You do not need to be present for your animal to receive the Reiki energy. For in-person Animal Reiki sessions, I can meet the animal and animal caretaker(s) at their home or in a neutral, public setting. I currently live in the central MN area. Travel costs and schedule accommodations costs are calculated beforehand and added to the overall session cost -- normally $50/hour extra. Please let me know beforehand if your pet has aggression or anxiety issues.

"How often do I need Reiki sessions?"

In my personal experiences, I feel it is most ideal to receive Reiki sessions once every week or once every two weeks, especially if the Reiki energy is healing certain mental or physical ailments. It can take more than one session for major changes to be seen. Many people need around 4-12 sessions for targeted improvements.

"Can Reiki completely heal my mental/physical health conditions?"

Because I am not a doctor and do not have medical licensing, I cannot legally state that my services will provide full healing of any health conditions you may have. I recommend consulting with a primary care physician on any health-related questions, concerns, and treatments.

"Will I feel anything during the Reiki sessions? What about my animal/pet?"

Many people feel different bodily sensations both during and after receiving Reiki treatments. This is completely normal! For me personally, one of the bodily sensations I feel most often is eye twitching. For others, they may feel nothing at all -- this is also completely normal! Either way, the Reiki energy healing is taking place. The same goes for animals/pets.

"What are the side effects of Reiki?"

Reiki affects people in different ways. While some people feel nothing at all, others may have either pleasant or uncomfortable bodily sensations. Reiki can sometimes cause a sort of "Detox" for people. For me personally, when I have not received Reiki energy healing for a long period of time, I tend to feel nauseous and fatigued for the rest of the day following a session, but return to normal the next day. Most people I have encountered feel more relaxed and at peace during and following a session. Some people get colder during a Reiki session, while others get warmer. I recommend having a fan or blanket nearby in case of these instances.


"Will I see anything during the Reiki sessions?"

It is ideal for clients to close their eyes and relax during sessions. Some people have vivid imagery during or after Reiki sessions (including dreams), while others do not. I send out a grounding exercise via email for people to look over before their session, so that they may go through the grounding exercise themselves at the beginning of the Reiki session while I am beginning the Reiki energy healing transfer.

"How long have you been providing Reiki services?"

I first received training and attunements in Reiki, specifically Reiki I, back when I lived in North Dakota, in 2019.

"Where did you receive your Reiki training? What are your certifications?"

My current certifications are: Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki I & II, ICRT Animal Reiki I & II, Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master, ICRT Animal Reiki Master, and Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Master. All of my training and certifications are through Jill Thiel at The Minnesota Reiki Center for Healing and Training. Jill is a licensed Reiki teacher of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT).

Intuitive Tarot-Related Questions

"What is Tarot, and what is a Tarot card reading? How is it intuitive?"

Tarot is a form of Divination in which cards are pulled and interpreted by the Tarot card reader based on the client's question. There is no singular correct way to read Tarot cards, but I like to use a Celtic Cross spread during my sessions with clients, as it provides a good flow of information for both me and the client. A Tarot card reading will provide answers and insights into the question of the client.

Not all Tarot card readers are psychics. I do not claim to be a psychic or medium, but I do utilize my intuition to help me receive messages from the Divine -- mainly my Spirit Guides and the client's Spirit Guides -- during my Tarot card reading sessions. My intuition combined with my Spirit Team help me to interpret the messages the cards convey. While Tarot cards have traditional meanings and associations, I trust what my intuition tells me to say. I often times receive visions during the sessions as well.

"How long have you been providing Tarot card readings?"

I first began working with Oracle cards in 2015. I have been doing Tarot since April of 2020, during the COVID-19 quarantine! I had received numerous Tarot card readings before providing Tarot card readings to others.

"Where did you receive your Tarot card reading training? What are your certifications?"

Tarot card reading is not taught through institutions or programs. It is a self-taught practice. It takes a lot of time, memorization, and learning to fully trust your intuition to work with Tarot cards.

"Where and how will the Tarot card reading take place?"

I utilize email by sending over the Tarot card spread alongside my written analysis. You do not need to respond to the messages of the reading afterward if you would prefer not to.

"I've been told that Tarot cards are related to black/dark Magick. Is that true?"

Although some people use Tarot cards for these purposes, I personally do not. I connect with only positive Spirit and energy.

"I was not connecting with the Tarot card reading. Does that mean it's not true? Are you a fraud?"

Please let me know after I sent the Tarot spread and analysis if it doesn't make sense with your situation. If I try to interpret the cards in a different way, and you are still not connecting with the message -- this likely means it will not make sense to you until later on. Or, you could have a blockage that is preventing you from fully listening to and accepting the message. (This is more so for skeptics.) If I have a hard time interpreting the cards and the message for your question, I will ask clarifying questions.

Astrology-Related Questions

"What is Astrology?"

Astrology is a Divination technique that focuses on the positions of the planets, stars, dwarf planets, and asteroids in the sky, and the aspects/connections they make to one another. Astrology is not the same thing as Astronomy, although they used to be considered the same thing "back in the day"! The branches of Astrology I use are natal, synastry, horary, and predictive. I also utilize past life Astrology and Astrology that identifies and explains fixed stars, malefic degrees, and Arabic Parts (also known as Arabic Lots).

"What is Natal Astrology?"

Natal Astrology focuses on identifying the likely traits of an individual through the planets and their planetary aspects, signs, and house placements, all based on the exact time and place they were born. You can also identify the likely relationships to other people and life situations of the individual.

"What is Synastry Astrology?"

Synastry Astrology focuses on identifying the likely dynamics between two individuals, including their compatibilities and incompatibilities. I focus mainly on romantic partnerships, but one could also do synastry Astrology charts for friends, family members, businesses and their presidents, and so on.

"What is Horary Astrology?"

Horary means "pertaining to the hour". Horary Astrology charts can be cast once someone has an urgent or important question that they would like to be answered. Horary Astrology works for "Yes" and "No"-type questions rather than open-ended ones, such as "Which college should I apply for?" A good Horary question would be, "Should I apply for the job at (insert company name here)?" Horary Astrology can be used to help find missing objects and people as well.

"What is Predictive Astrology?"

There are different types of predictive Astrology, but I focus on utilizing secondary progressions and transits. Secondary progressions move the chart one day forward for every year of life. For example, if someone is currently 27, their progressed chart moves their birth chart 27 days forward. Let's say this person was born on September 1st, 1996. Their progressed chart would be September 28th, 1996, but the actual current year is either 2023 or 2024 for this person. Planetary transits, on the other hand, are where the planets are located and moving within the sky. The aspects, changing signs, and changing house positions that secondary progressions and transiting planets make to your natal planets and their already-existing aspects, signs, and house positions are the key to predictive Astrology.

"What is Past Life Astrology?"

Also known as Evolutionary Astrology, past life Astrology is a form of Astrology whereby I evaluate the themes of a past life that affects your current one. If you carry traumatic experiences from one lifetime to another, or throughout multiple lifetimes, you are bound to repeat the Karmic cycle of events until you do the necessary work to heal your Soul and evolve. Any prominent wrongdoings you have placed upon yourself and others from past lives is also going to continue to affect your Soul in current and future incarnations. You must right those wrongs if you wish to end the Karmic cycle.

"What are Fixed Stars and Malefic Degrees?"

Fixed stars are simply the stars that are present in the sky. The stars are not actually "fixed" or stuck in the sky, but they move at an exceptionally slow pace -- around 50 seconds of arc each year. The procession of the Earth affects the placement of the fixed stars in the Zodiac, and moves at a similar rate, but in the opposite direction (backwards through the Zodiac).

Fixed stars have been used for ages by Astrologers. They hold certain descriptors that help the Astrologer and client better understand the client's potential. They are mainly only used when they conjunct a planet or the cusp of a house in Astrology.

Malefic degrees are certain degrees that tend to negatively affect someone's luck or circumstances.

"What are Arabic Parts?"

Arabic Parts (also known as Arabic Lots) are an ancient form of predictive Astrology. Arabic Parts are calculated using 3 different planetary positions, natal points/degrees, or house positions in one's natal chart. There are a wide range of Parts/Lots that can be calculated that are specific to every individual. Examples include Part of Children, Part of Fame/Wisdom, and Part of Luck. The only Part that is commonly used in Western/Modern Astrology is the Part of Fortune.

Numerology-Related Questions

"What is Numerology?"

Numerology is the study of numbers and their influence on individual lives as well as the lives of large groups of people.

"Why are numbers important or relevant?"

Numbers and number patterns have shown harmony and disharmony between people, animals, nature, Mother Earth, and the Universe at large. There are marvelous revelations humans have discovered such as the Fibonacci Sequence, which is commonly found in nature and is known as the "Golden Ratio".

General Questions

"What are your pronouns?"



"Are you a Psychic-Medium?"

No, I do not label myself as neither a Psychic nor a Medium. Although I hope to one day develop these abilities more, they are not directly correlated with the services I provide. I use my intuition to guide me in either providing Reiki energy healing or providing answers through Tarot readings, and I call upon the client's Spirit Guides.

"I never received a session confirmation email/email answering my question. What do I do now?"

Please make sure to check your Spam/Junk folder and add me to your email contacts list! If you still cannot find a session confirmation email from me or my website, you can reach out to me, and I can let you know if the session was confirmed. If you still cannot find an email from me answering a question you submitted to me through my website or email, please try again. If more time passes and you do not hear anything, please try contacting me through my Instagram page.

"Can I utilize Zoom on my phone during our online Zoom session?"

Absolutely! You can use any computer or mobile device for our Zoom/online session. iPads probably work as well!


"I am unhappy with the service you provided me. Can I get a refund?"

I am sorry, I do not offer refunds.

"What is your refund/cancellation policy? Am I able to reschedule my appointment or Reiki class?"

You may be refunded if the appointment is canceled 7 or more days from the appointment date and time. If the appointment is canceled within less than 7 days from the appointment date, you may reschedule the appointment for a future date. 2 or more rescheduled appointments with require an additional fee.

You are not able to be refunded if you are unhappy with your product or service.

In terms of Reiki classes, I can allow you to take part in a future Reiki class if you are no longer able to attend the one you signed up for. Please DO NOT attend your Reiki class if you are sick or if you have been exposed to someone who is sick.

"What happens if I show up late to a session?"

You may show up no later than 15 minutes for your scheduled session. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will need to reschedule the appointment.

"Can I attend the online session if I'm sick?"

Yes! Receiving Reiki while sick is a great idea. Please contact me before the appointment date if you would prefer not to use Zoom due to feeling unwell.

"Can we still do an in-person session if me or someone in my household is sick?" (Applies only to In-Person Animal Reiki and Group Events.)

Due to my chronic health conditions, I try my best not to get sick. Please inform me of any sickness you, anyone in your household, or anyone in your group has, and we can reschedule the appointment.

"What can I wear to my Zoom/in-person session?"

Please wear whatever feels most comfortable for you! I'll be doing the same!

"Am I able to leave you a tip?"

Yes! You can leave me a tip here or here!

"Am I able to leave you a review?"

You can rate and review me on Google! Just go to Google, type in "Brittney's Holistic Healing", and then click on "Reviews" to leave a rating and review. You may also use this shortcut.

"Do you do collaborations?"

Please email me regarding collaboration inquiries!

"What is your Privacy Policy?"

My website's Privacy Policy can be found here.

Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are registered service marks of William Lee Rand.

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